Maintenance of the area UP TO THE CURB (including the right-of-way area) is the responsibility of the property owner.  Therefore, maintenance up to the curb along the South side of Sierra Pinta and the North side of Hualapai and all of the streets in between is the responsibility of individual Pima Acres property owners.


Maintenance on the North side of Sierra Pinta up to the curb is the responsibility of DC Ranch HOA (the property owner).


Maintenance of the South side of Hualapai is the responsibility of Iron Wood HOA (the property owner). There are two exceptions on the south side of Hualapai, the first is Lot #125 which is City owned and maintained, the second is the far east end of Hualapai which is owned and maintained by the Toscana HOA.


As noted in paragraph 2 of the CC&R's , individual property owners are responsible for maintenance up to the curb. This includes clearing street corners so drivers can clearly see cross traffic at intersections. A number of intersections have trees and other growth blocking view of cross street traffic.


The City is only responsible for maintenance of the traffic calming islands and trees it planted on Sierra Pinta and Hualapai and the monuments and fence areas along Pima Road.


Bulk Trash Pickup


Please note that the bulk trash pick-up dates occur monthly.  The dates are posted on the city website here.


The city rules require that the bulk trash be placed for pickup no earlier than 9 days before the scheduled pickup date.  The dates are printed on the city website.


There are rules for the size, configuration and placement of the trash pile.  The bulk trash is to be placed neatly in a location along your property line only.  Bulk pickup does not need to be on the same side of the road as your weekly waste pickup as a different crew is used for this service.


Do not place trash in the street or on your neighbor's property.  Please respect these rules, our neighborhood and our neighbors.